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Episode 138 – Jenn Shields, Shields Real Estate Group Royal LePage

Episode 138 – We head back north of the border to Brandon, Manitoba. We visit with Jenn Shields of The Shields Real Estate Group. Jenn and her husband Ryan are creating really cool content that focuses on living in Brandon and local community spots. 

03:00 – Jenn describes her hometown and the northern plains

05:30 – Jenn and her hockey story

08:45 – Was real estate on Jenn’s radar in school?

10:40 – Work/life balance for The Shields Real Estate Group

11:40 – How did video become such a big part of the Shields Real Estate Group?

14:50 – Jenn discusses the focus on local businesses from a marketing point of view

17:10 – Jenn explains the concept of Gentle Marketing.

19:45 – The customer experience provided by The Shields Real Estate Group

22:55 – Teaming up with Ryan to handle different types of customers

24:15 – Who are some of the influencers Jenn and Ryan follow?

27:15 – What piece of advice would you give a friend just getting started in the business?

The Shields Real Estate Group

Valerie Garcia Interview with Jenn

The Shields Group on YouTube




Bill RIsser, Bill Risser

Bill has been producing The Real Estate Sessions Podcast since July 2015. Passionate about learning the backstories of Industry Leaders, Bill seeks out established professionals as well as up and coming stars in real estate.

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